Design and installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems

Creating a ventilation and air-conditioning project is a complex procedure that requires sensitive and careful attention to details. It is not just a key functional element of the room, but also a part of the interior. It is necessary to take into account not only the Building Code, but also to make the system aesthetic and comfortable.

Design process: important details

The complex process of designing ventilation and air conditioning systems involves a number of important steps:

  • Preparation of the Terms of Reference based on the features of the house or apartment and the client’s needs;
  • Calculation of parameters and determination of system characteristics;
  • determination of the required equipment performance based on the premises and the required air balance;
  • development of the air distribution network design;
  • selection of equipment based on the project, capabilities and wishes of the customer.

Additional ventilation options

The main ventilation function is air exchange. However, the ventilation systems can provide additional options: cooling or heating (air conditioning), dust and odour removal (extractor hood), air humidification, noise reduction. The required functionality is discussed with the customer in advance. Installation is carried out after the completion of the design project and its acceptance by the customer.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems: Project Cost and Installation

The cost of design and installation of ventilation will depend on the type of system, area of premises, complexity of the project, additional functions and equipment. Get advice and pricing details from the specialists of the company “Construction Technology”. We will ensure that the ventilation in your home is reliable and energy efficient.