Home theaters on KEF branded equipment

KEF’s main goal has always been to produce the best acoustic systems for home and commercial use. The company operates not only in Russia, but also provides concert and chamber halls around the world. These unique products have even deserved the attention of NASA.

Advantages of KEF home theatres and loudspeakers:

Is there a home cinema in your apartment or country house renovation project? The optimal solution is to use the technical capabilities of KEF for the following reasons:

  • A wide range of products with different characteristics, functionality and costs;
  • acoustic systems and home theaters fully meet the standards of sound reproduction and picture clarity;
  • Non-standard approach and using unusual materials and technologies;
    easy to use menu – Russified and intuitive;
  • A wide range of functions of the device;
  • Ability to play all formats of video and audio files which allows you to play any media;
  • 3D sound, crystal clear sound, reproduction of even low-frequency effects.

Installation and setup

You can choose a suitable model of KEF home theater. With the help of the company ” Construction Technology ” you will become the owner of equipment that combines all the necessary qualities. Employees of our company will help you to develop a home theater project and implement it: to prepare the room, to make all the necessary work, to install and configure the equipment. We carry out work with high quality, reliability and in compliance with the established deadlines.