Finishing works in private interiors of premium and business class

Construction company “Construction Technology” performs a full range of services in the field of construction, repair and finishing of residential and commercial premises. The separate area of our work is elite repair Fit-out. This fashionable trend in construction appeared on the market in the early 2000s.

What is Fit-out?

Initially, Fit-out is a conceptual repair, or a set of works on design, construction, engineering equipment and finishing which was in demand only for commercial projects and office real estate, but became interesting to other customers.

How does Fit-out differ from other repair directions?

Fit-out can be called a premium apartment finishing. In addition to the standard package of services, it includes the development of a design project and its implementation. Elite turnkey renovation always aims to create a high-quality individual solution, concept that fully satisfies the wishes of the customer. Masters abstract themselves from standards, norms and standard projects while creating a design.

Premium finishing is not just the use of high quality materials and modern technologies, it is also a creative approach to design and architectural solutions. Cooperate with the company “Construction Technology” and evaluate all the beneficial aspects:

  • Extensive experience in design, construction and finishing works;
  • cooperation with design bureaus and architects allows us to create a unique design concept and to transform the space intelligently;
  • Transparent pricing policy for luxury apartment finishing.

All this allows us to guarantee a high-quality result within the specified time frame. Take advantage of our offer for premium class apartments now!