Construction works: any level of complexity, high-quality result.

Performance of repair and construction works require specific skills and qualifications in order to fulfill tasks, solve problems and prevent errors. In the majority of cases it is needed to get help from experts who have the necessary experience and are capable to cope with any problem. The best solution is a construction contract as the customer will receive documented guarantees, and the contractor commits to perform the task in due time.

Obligations of the parties

The construction contract includes all the aspects that both the customer and the contractor agree to comply with. The obligations of the contractor include:

  • Construction works are carried out in compliance with all technical requirements and in exact accordance with the estimate.
  • If the contract does not contain any special instructions in this regard, the performance of construction and installation works is carried out by the contractor with the provision of all necessary materials and equipment.
  • If any faults or defects are found during the acceptance of the work, they must be promptly eliminated.

The customer must, in turn, provide the site on which the construction will be carried out, assist in the design and budgeting.

Cost of construction works

The cost of construction work can vary significantly depending on the company you are approaching for help. The company “Construction Technology” is ready to perform all the necessary work on beneficial terms and in the shortest possible time. Prices for construction works will allow you to carry out your ideas without fear of budget overspending. Our experts will prepare a contract, in which you can make necessary changes. After that, they will immediately begin the construction works.